Integron Academy

We integrate Science and IT.

At Integron Academy, we do not just teach using whiteboards and markers. We strongly believe in using IT to enhance lesson delivery and stimulate class discussions so that our students are better engaged. That’s what makes us different from other tuition centres.


  • To groom leaders of tomorrow who are ready for future challenges of the information age
  • To nurture students to appreciate the interconnection between science and IT in this new millennium



  • Building a 21st century classroom by integrating technology into teaching and learning of science
  • Ignite the curiosity in learning science by using IT to motivate and engage students to think critically
  • Enhance lesson delivery by making IT an integral part of teacher-student interaction
  • Leading our students to success by guiding them to reach their fullest potential and achieve academic excellence
  • Enable every kid to experience the joy of technology