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Integron Academy is conducting our special revision workshop for O Level and N Level upper secondary biology and chemistry in June. In this holiday workshop, students will revisit their fundamentals and strengthen their conceptual understanding of the different topics. Common examination questions will be tackled during the workshop and students will be trained to answer examination questions with precision. In addition, effective note-taking and revision tips will be given during the workshop.

Students are allowed to choose which sessions they want to attend to cater to their own learning needs.

Who should attend?

  • Students who are taking pure or combined biology and chemistry who need help in conceptual understanding and answering techniques
  • Students who are keen to revisit and recap on the topics taught in Secondary 3
  • Secondary 3, 4 and 5 students are all welcome to apply for the workshop. This workshop helps to build a strong foundation in the topics in preparation for students’ national examinations.

About Tutor

At Integron Academy, we do not just teach using whiteboards and markers. We strongly believe in using IT to enhance lesson delivery and stimulate class discussions so that our students are better engaged. That’s what makes us different from other tuition centres.

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Schedule and Fees

8 June 2019
10am to 12pm
• Nutrition in plants
• Transport in plants
Vacancies left: 4
10 June 2019
1pm to 3pm
• Atomic structure
• Chemical bonding
Vacancies left: 4
12 June 2019
1pm to 3pm
• Nutrition in humans
• Transport in humans
Vacancies left: 4
15 June 2019
10am to 12pm
• Acid and bases
• Salts
Vacancies left: 5
17 June 2019
1pm to 3pm
• Reproduction in plants
• Reproduction in humans
Vacancies left: 4
19 June 2019
1pm to 3pm
• Introduction to organic chemistry
• Alkanes
• Alkenes
• Alcohols and carboxylic acids
Vacancies left: 5

(Classes are kept small to facilitate learning and teaching)
Fee: $50/session (students are required to attend minimum two sessions)

All registration fees and deposits are now waived.

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Classes are held at:

Trinity International College

Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-343 Singapore 600135 (Beside JCube)